How to have 4 phone numbers on one smartphone

You probably need more than one phone numbers on your smartphone. I have 4 phone numbers on my AT&T smartphone. It doesn’t matter what type of smartphone you have, you can hack the phone to add phone numbers on your phone without adding additional sim cards.

There is no need for root of your android phone.

Rooting of your smartphone is not needed. At the end of the process you will have the phone number your carrier gave you in addition to three more phone numbers that will cost you a grand total of just $20 every month. But I will give you a link that will give you a $20 credit every month so you’ll pay $0 every month. We’re even working on a way to get you paid for bringing in more people. Our goal is to get 20,000 persons using this service and give everyone a $20 credit every month which makes it free to use.

This works for users all over the world, no matter what country you live in.

Android phone with one Sim and 3 phone numbers – No Root Needed

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